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HKCERT Security Newsletter (October 2021 Issue)

Release Date: 4 Oct 2021 737 Views


HKCERT Security Newsletter | October 2021


🔥🔥 Hong Kong Cyber Security New Generation Capture the Flag Challenge 2021 🔥🔥

What is Capture the Flag (CTF)?

CTF is a competition which challenges the participants to solve different tasks related to cyber security, e.g. Web security, cryptography, forensic, reverse engineering, binary analysis and others

What is the benefit of playing CTF?

For organisation, it can build employee engagement for cyber security and help them sharpen the cyber security skill.
For individual, it can assess the cyber security skill level, learn new skills in a gamified scenario, get hands-on practice with vulnerabilities and last but not least, win prizes.

What is “Hong Kong Cyber Security New Generation Capture the Flag Challenge 2021”?

To be held in 12-14 November 2021, this is a competition organised by HKCERT and HKPC, together with other 6 education and security organisations. The CTF Challenge aims to arouse the cyber security awareness of the public and students of Hong Kong, and to encourage problem solving with teamwork, cyber security skills and creative thinking via a fun game. Participants can learn cyber security skills, such as web security, cryptography, forensic, binary analysis, reverse engineering, etc.


Who can participate in the CTF Challenge?

Anyone who is interested in cyber security or information technology.

How to register and when is the deadline?

Online registration link can be found at The deadline is 31 Oct 2021.

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