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LockBit ransomware returns, restores servers after police disruption

The LockBit gang is relaunching its ransomware operation on a new infrastructure less than a week after law enforcement hacked their servers, and is threatening to focus more of their attacks on the government sector. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 26 Feb 2024 55 Views

Ransomware associated with LockBit still spreading 2 days after server takedown

Two days after an international team of authorities struck a major blow at LockBit, one of the Internet’s most prolific ransomware syndicates, researchers have detected a new round of attacks that are installing malware associated with the group. [...]
Ars Technica 23 Feb 2024 881 Views

ScreenConnect critical bug now under attack as exploit code emerges

Both technical details and proof-of-concept exploits are available for the two vulnerabilities ConnectWise disclosed earlier this week for ScreenConnect, its remote desktop and access software.
Bleeping Computer 22 Feb 2024 233 Views

VMware urges admins to remove deprecated, vulnerable auth plug-in

VMware urged admins today to remove a discontinued authentication plugin exposed to authentication relay and session hijack attacks in Windows domain environments via two security vulnerabilities left unpatched.
Bleeping Computer 22 Feb 2024 242 Views

'KeyTrap' DNS Bug Threatens Widespread Internet Outages

Thanks to a 24-year-old security vulnerability tracked as CVE-2023-50387, attackers could stall DNS servers with just a single malicious packet, effectively taking out wide swaths of the Internet.
Dark Reading 21 Feb 2024 245 Views

ConnectWise urges ScreenConnect admins to patch critical RCE flaw

ConnectWise warned customers to patch their ScreenConnect servers immediately against a maximum severity flaw that can be used in remote code execution (RCE) attacks. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 21 Feb 2024 249 Views

Joomla XSS Bugs Open Millions of Websites to RCE

Improper content filtering in a core function allows multiple paths to exploitation for CVE-2024-21726.
Dark Reading 21 Feb 2024 243 Views

Musk claims Neuralink patient doing OK with implant, can move mouse with brain

Medical ethicists alarmed by Musk being "sole source of information" on patient.
Ars Technica 21 Feb 2024 1432 Views

Signal rolls out usernames that let you hide your phone number

End-to-end encrypted messaging app Signal finally allows users to pick custom usernames to connect with others while protecting their phone number privacy. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 21 Feb 2024 253 Views

Over 28,500 Exchange servers vulnerable to actively exploited bug

Up to 97,000 Microsoft Exchange servers may be vulnerable to a critical severity privilege escalation flaw tracked as CVE-2024-21410 that hackers are actively exploiting. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 20 Feb 2024 298 Views