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Black Hat: Security Bugs Allow Takeover of Capsule Hotel Rooms

A researcher was able to remotely control the lights, bed and ventilation in "smart" hotel rooms via Nasnos vulnerabilities.
Threatpost 5 Aug 2021 50 Views

Several Malware Families Targeting IIS Web Servers With Malicious Modules

A systematic analysis of attacks against Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) servers has revealed as many as 14 malware families, 10 of them newly documented, indicating that the Windows-based web server software continues to be a hotbed for natively developed malware...
The Hacker News 5 Aug 2021 414 Views

Worried your data protection strategy is dated? Don’t let a ransomware infection prove you right

Trust us – you need to tune into this Webcast  Some say the best form of defense is offense. But when it comes to modern ransomware from cyber-crime orgs that are well-funded, possibly have state actor backing, and have your data under...
The Register 5 Aug 2021 412 Views

COVID-19 vaccine portal for Italy's Lazio region hit with cyberattack

Government officials took to Facebook to say no data was stolen and to notify residents of the daily COVID-19 figures.
ZDnet 3 Aug 2021 181 Views

NSA Warns Public Networks are Hacker Hotbeds

Agency warns attackers targeting teleworkers to steal corporate data.
Threatpost 31 Jul 2021 110 Views

Ransomware attempt volume sets record, reaches more than 300 million for first half of 2021: SonicWall

The US, UK, Germany, South Africa and Brazil topped the list of countries most impacted by ransomware attempts while states like Florida and New York struggled as well.
ZDnet 31 Jul 2021 221 Views

Vultur Bank Malware Infests Thousands Of Devices

Packet Storm 30 Jul 2021 3693 Views

Get patching: US, UK, and Australia issue joint advisory on top 30 exploited vulnerabilities

At the end of almost seven months in 2021, one of the 30 most exploited vulnerabilities dates from 2017, according to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), the United Kingdom's National Cyber Security Centre...
ZDNet 29 Jul 2021 4796 Views

Hackers Exploit Microsoft Browser Bug to Deploy VBA Malware on Targeted PCs

An unidentified threat actor has been exploiting a now-patched zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer browser to deliver a fully-featured VBA-based remote access trojan (RAT) capable of accessing files stored in compromised Windows systems, and downloading and executing malicious payloads...
The Hacker News 29 Jul 2021 4009 Views

Ransomware: These are the two most common ways hackers get inside your network

Two attack methods are the most popular - and most successful - techniques ransomware gangs are using to lay the foundations for their cyber-extortion campaigns.
ZDnet 29 Jul 2021 276 Views