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Security Tools




HKCERT does not endorse specific vendor products. Inclusion of products in this reference list does not indicate endorsement by HKCERT. Tools are listed with no quality rating. The tools in this list are owned by tool developers or vendors and they can be modified any time. HKCERT does not verify the accuracy of these tools. If you have any question about these tools, please direct contact tool developers or vendors.







1. Security Defense Tools


Server Security Defense Tools




Cloud Security Defense Tools




Malware Detection and Prevention




2. Security Assessment Tools


Network Security Assessment Tools




Application Security Vulnerability Assessment Tools




Application Security Patch Status Check



3. Security Analysis Tools


Process Analysis



Registry Analysis



System Analysis (Registry, File analyzer)







4. Data Protection Tools


Data Backup and Restoration Tools



Data Synchronization Tools



Data Encryption Tools



Data Recovery/Rescue Tools



Data Permanently Deletion Tools




5. WhoIs / DNS Lookup/ Traceroute / IP address Tools



6. Third-Parties Comparison




7. Mobile Security Tools




HKCERT do not have prejudice on any mobile security tools. Tools mentioned in this article are neither recommended by HKCERT, nor better than tools not mentioned. HKCERT cannot verify if information provided by the supplier/vendor is accurate or updated. If you want to query or verify the information, please contact the tool supplier/vendor directly. Under no circumstances will HKCERT nor HKPC be held liable to any third party who may choose to rely on the information, data or software in this website for planning or other purposes.


Users can install suitable mobile security apps depending on your needs. The products in this list are Free or Trial version. If you have any question about the Full or Paid version of these tools, please contact the tool developers or the vendors directly.


Security Tools for Android smart devices



According to the AV-TEST September 2023 test report, the above security tools are sorted by protection, performance and usability, and are available on Play Store. Please refer to the report of AV-TEST for other security apps.



Security Tools for IOS smart devices



8. Data Leak Checking Site




The objective of this article is to provide more information to users.