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Self Help Guide: Non-Information Security Incidents

HKCERT responds quickly and efficiently to information security incidents reported to us. Here are some examples:


  • Email with suspicious link and attachment. (Phishing site and Malware.)
  • Scam email deceiving you to transfer money.
  • Computer infected with malware (e.g. virus, trojan, spyware etc.).
  • Company website defaced (e.g. replaced with some unknown image/content).
  • Company website service disrupted due to attack (e.g. vulnerability scanning, DDoS etc.).


There are also some IT related, but non-information security incidents, for example:


  • Receiving advertisement of some unknown shops through email/SMS.
  • Somebody copy the content of your website for business purposes without your permission.
  • You suspected that some organization did not properly handle your personal information.


It is important for you to contact the appropriate parties when you encounter non-information security related incident, so that the incident can be handled promptly.


The following are some of the organizations/authorities which you may find helpful for non-security incidents: