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Help: How to remove malware and obtain information of security tools selection

Release Date: 6 Apr 2018 2797 Views

The following information is about how to remove malware, and obtain information of security tools selection.


Most malware pretend to be legitimate software or document to trick user to open them, for example, free software or games, software crackers, Office documents or PDF documents.


Malware can steal sensitive information in the computer, damage system data and software, disrupt or disable the computer system and network.


Most malwares can be removed by running a full scan on the computer with anti-virus software bundled with the latest virus definition.


If it is difficult to remove the malware, please act according to the steps below to recover your system:

  1. Backup your files
  2. Format hard disk, and re-install the operating system
  3. Run system and software update
  4. Install and update anti-virus software

To prevent malware infection in the future, do not open any suspicious links and files, and perform security update for system and software regularly.


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