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Introducing the New HKCERT “All-Out Anti-Phishing” Thematic Page

Noticing that hackers are deploying phishing through various means, including email, social media and SMS, phishing attacks have become an increasingly threatening major cyber security threat in Hong Kong. Such phishing scams have posed a great impact to our society that individual victims could suffer from financial loss to breaches of personal information, while corporate victims might even suffer from damaged business reputations.  According to the statistics collected by the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT), over 200 phishing incidents were reported every month in Hong Kong from July 2022 to June 2023, contributing to around 40% of the overall security incidents reported.

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HKCERT participated in the “Smart City” Roving Exhibition organised by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and launched the “All-Out Anti-Phishing” Moving Showroom Campaign. Information booths and a moving showroom vehicle were set up to interact with the community in an innovative way to raise public awareness about phishing attacks through vivid and interesting examples from daily life.





Launching the “All-Out Anti-Phishing” Thematic Page

Apart from the said onsite events, HKCERT would also like to reinforce our target of preventing phishing through educating the public. Therefore, HKCERT introduced a new thematic page "All-Out Anti-Phishing". With a clear and concise design, users can browse the required information with just one click.  Also, the objectives of creating a dedicated webpage are to:


  1. Provide a “one-stop” and easy-to-use information portal regarding phishing.
  2. Raise the situational awareness of the public against phishing attacks by providing the latest information through case studies.
  3. Create ready-to-use material for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and enterprises to conduct phishing awareness training to their employees.

The thematic page consolidates all essential information about phishing, including attack techniques, prevention, identification, and handling procedures for suspicious messages, as well as highlights some important points to note, covering the topics such as:


  1. Basic of Phishing Attack
  2. Attack Methods, Channels and Hackers’ Technique
  3. How to Prevent and Detect Phishing Attacks?
  4. How to Handle Incoming Messages?
  5. What Can You Do if You Fall Victim to Phishing?

The page also includes a 'Phishing Example and Quiz' section that provides useful information related to phishing attacks.



Phishing Examples in Real Life

We have compiled a comprehensive collection of phishing examples, including some real-life examples of phishing emails and websites that have been reported. By exploring our collection of cases, users are able to get a hint on how to recognise phishing attempts and step up to protect yourself and your organisation from falling prey to these scams.



Phishing Quiz

To test users’ readiness and knowledge regarding phishing scams, we have prepared a phishing quiz for you to identify the phishing scams and deepen your anti-phishing techniques. By taking up this interactive quiz, you will gain insights into various types of phishing attacks, learn how to recognise them, and remain vigilant against phishing attempts.



We hope this “All-Out Anti-Phishing” thematic page can raise public awareness of phishing attacks with actionable advice provided by HKCERT. We welcome your suggestions by emailing to [email protected].

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