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  1. Scope of incident report service
    • The scope includes incident report and enquiry related to information security. HKCERT may provide information or technical advice, or refer the case to appropriate local or overseas party to handle.
    • The following are excluded in our free service: enquiry on use of IT hardware/software, tailor-made consultancy, onsite support.
  2. Charge
    • The service is provided to Hong Kong residents free of charge.
  3. Ensuring report to an authenticated channel of HKCERT
    • The official incident report channels (telephone, fax and email) of HKCERT are published on the digitally signed web page ( A reporter can authenticate the website by checking its digital certificate.
    • If a party claims to be HKCERT staff phone or email you, you can verify his or her identity by calling back our staff using the phone number or email address published on our website.
    • HKCERT uses PGP keys to sign emails to authenticate our identity and email content.
  4. Provision of incident information
    • The reporter agrees to provide the true and sufficient information of the incident (e.g. type of incident, date of occurrence, contact email and phone number) to enable HKCERT to process.
  5. Confidentiality of Report
    • HKCERT keeps all reported incidents confidential.
    • HKCERT privacy policy statement applies to this service. If the incident needs to be referred to a third party to handle, minimal relevant information is passed to that third party (e.g. date of occurrence of incident, IP addresses involved).
  6. Case number
    • HKCERT will assign a case number for each report. It can be used as reference for follow up.
  7. Handling of case
    • HKCERT reserves the right to decide the approach to handle the incident.。
    • HKCERT is not liable for the performance of third parties involved in the course of action.
    • HKCERT tries our best effort to provide advice and to resolve the incident, but we do not guarantee that the case could be resolved.