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Security Guideline

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Guideline of Web Application Security Preventive Measures

Web application developer should take the below preventive measures to protect their web application.   10 Security Preventive Measures Follow HKCERT website for latest updates Ensure user use strong password and provide two-factor authentication Use web application firewall Restrict access and protect web admin...
9 Jul 2013 3933 Views

IPv6 Security Guideline for Business User

  As IPv4 address allocation have already exhausted, IPv6 is the only solution to the shortage of IPv4 address. IPv6 adoption will grow for business user and it is expected both version of Internet Protocol will coexist on the Internet for some years. Therefore, business organizations...
30 May 2013 2769 Views

IPv6 Security Guideline for Home User

Current Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) situation in Hong Kong   Everyone should be familiar with the term “IP address”. It is much like a delivery address on the Internet. IPv6 is the new generation Internet Protocol. As IPv4 address allocation have already exhausted...
29 May 2013 3152 Views

Guideline of Mobile Security

Now, more than ever, mobile device applications are getting more and more popular in our daily life. Mobile device applications is becoming a primarily communication channel for us to interact with business partners, family members and friends. Mobility brings us convenience, however, it...
28 Feb 2013 3242 Views

Guideline for Safety Using Wireless LAN

Introduction Wireless LAN (WLAN) is now widely deployed in Hong Kong. You can find paid Wi-Fi hotspots in telephone kiosk, plaza, Internet cafes and hostel, or free Public Wi-Fi hotspots in public library, cultural and recreational centres, ...
2 Apr 2012 9719 Views

Malware Defense Guideline

  Introduction   Today, one of the biggest threats that users and organization facing on the Internet is Malware. Malware is a general terminology and some common types of malware are viruses, worms, Trojan horse, botnets, spyware and adware. Malware...
29 Feb 2012 5415 Views

Document Malware Defense Guideline

  What is Document Malware?   Everyone should familiar with the term “Malware”; however, many people may not know how malware works. “Malware” is a general terminology and can be classified based on its operating mechanism. Most common malwares are Trojan, Worm...
28 Feb 2012 4708 Views

"Autorun virus" Removal Procedure

Please click to download "Autorun virus" Removal Procedure
22 Jan 2009 5732 Views

Data Protection Guideline

 The recent incidents of personal information leakage have attracted much public attention. Have you been worrying about your own data privacy? Do you know what risks are associated with storing data on the computer? What measures are available to mitigate these risks? This guideline is...
23 Sep 2008 7679 Views

SQL Injection Defense Guideline

Please click to download SQL Injection Defense Guideline
11 Aug 2008 5923 Views