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HKCERT Urges the Public not to Participate in Cyber Attacks

Release Date: 6 Oct 2014 1772 Views

The Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT) of the Hong Kong Productivity Council today (6 October 2014) reminded the public that participating in cyber attacks is a criminal offence.

HKCERT issued the warning after several people have been arrested by the Police for using online tools to attack other computer systems on the Internet.

Cyber attackers have tried to direct Internet users to use automated tools or applications that require no technical know-how to launch attacks. These participants are not aware that the attack tools and applications normally use their IP addresses for the attacks and consume their network and computing resources.

Attacking computer systems is a criminal offence, no matter a person is using his or her own skills or any tools for the action. Please do not participate in such illicit activities, warned HKCERT.

Website, forum and online channel administrators are also urged to take down the attack tools or applications, and report them to the Police immediately.

For incidents reporting or enquiries, please contact the HKCERT hotline at tel: (852) 8105 6060, or email: [email protected].