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HKCERT Security Newsletter (December 2022 Issue)

Release Date: 1 Dec 2022 619 Views


HKCERT Security Newsletter | December 2022


Hong Kong Cyber Security New Generation Capture-The-Flag Challenge 2022 Webinar and Award Presentation Ceremony

Continuous innovation in Internet technology development and applications has enhanced quality of life and work efficiency but has also created various new cyber security challenges. It only serves to fuel the demand for cyber security professionals. To address the challenges, the training of local cyber security talents is indispensable.

In light of this, the HKCERT and HKPC jointly hosted the Hong Kong Cyber Security New Generation Capture the Flag Challenge 2022” (CTF) in November 2022 to strengthen the cyber security skills and awareness of the industry and students and encourage problem solving through teamwork, creative thinking and cyber security skills.

The award presentation ceremony will be held on 19 December, 2022. Apart from presenting the awards to the winners, cyber security experts will also be on hand to share their views on cyber security, and how to leverage vulnerability management solutions to improve security and security risk management. Besides, there will be a panel discussion on how the new generation can join the trade.

Who can participate in this event?

Owner and IT professionals of SMEs, education sector and general public. Or anyone who is interested in cyber security or information technology.

How to register and when is the deadline?

Please click the below button for more details and registration. The deadline is 16 Dec 2022.

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