Reporting Incidents to HKCERT

Incident Report Channels

You can report information security incidents to HKCERT via one of these channels. If the HKCERT hotline is busy, please leave a voice message and our staff will call you back.


 Telephone 8105 6060
 Fax 8105 9760
 Online Form See below


Scope of Information Security Incidents

HKCERT accepts reports on computer security related incidents, for example, malware, web defacement, phishing, scam, denial of service attack and other information security attacks. Enquiries on security protection are also welcomed.


Before reporting an incidents

  1. Be assured that it is safe to use the online Incident Report Form below.
  2. Read the "Terms and Conditions" about Confidentiality and Reporter's responsibilities.
  3. Read "Who Should I report to?" about other parties relating to the handling of incident reports.
  4. Keep evidences or clues like screen capture, date/time log of event occurrence, symptoms of compromise etc. for future investigation


Incident Reporting Form

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