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Fraudsters eyeing on the Japan earthquake disaster

Release Date: 15 Mar 2011 39331 Views

It was reported in Japan CERT (JPCERT/CC) website that fake Japan earthquake donation sites were found. These sites are taking advantage of people's wants to help in Japan's immense tragedy.


HKCERT would like to warn users of potential email scams and phishing attacks regarding the Japan earthquake and the tsunami disasters.


Fraudsters may register domain names with "japan", "earthquake", "quake" and "tsunami" as keywords for social engineeering purposes. They may send out email scams which contain hyperlinks that direct users to phishing or malware hosting websites. Email attachments or downloadable donation form may come in Microsoft Office document or PDF formats and they may contain malicious scripts.


Users are advised to maintain security patch and security software updated, turning on personal firewall, and staying cautious. Do not open unsolicited email or visiting unsolicited websites.