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Subscription Terms & Conditions





  1. Scope of subscription service
    • All successfully registered subscribers will receive our timely security bulletins and e-newsletter via email free of charge. Our email message will be signed with PGP key to ensure the mail is originated by HKCERT.
    • A subscriber also registers the SMS service and provide the mobile number, they will receive the security bulletins via SMS, too.
  2. Charge
    • The service is provided to Hong Kong residents free of charge.
  3. Provision of updated contact information
    • The subscriber is responsible for providing true and sufficient contact information (full name, phone number and email address) to HKCERT. If there is a change of contact information, the subscriber is responsible for updating HKCERT.
  4. Unsubscription
    • Subscriber can unsubscribe any time by informing HKCERT via email or fax, providing the full name, phone number and email address.
    • If the subscriber’s contact cannot be reached for two months or more, they are automatically unsubscribed by HKCERT.