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Help: How to handle email scam

Release Date: 6 Apr 2018 4772 Views

The following information is about how to handle email scam.


A common trick is the email sender claims to be bank, online auction or shopping sites, or webmail service providers, and requests you to provide login credentials such as user name and password by visiting a suspicious website.


It is also common that the scammer spoofs as your business partner, and requests you to make fund transfer to a new bank account.


If you suspect that you are a victim of the email scam, please act appropriately according to the following information:

  1. If you have provided login credentials in suspicious website, please reset password and review the security settings in the related online service accounts.
  2. If you have provided financial information, such as credit card number, and incur financial loss, please contact your bank immediately.
  3. You should report to nearby police station if any financial loss is incurred.
  4. If someone spoofs your identity to send email to your family, friends and business partners, you should alert them by other trusted communication channels.

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