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Ransom Email Defrauds Victim Money

Last Update Date: 30 Oct 2018 10:51 Release Date: 30 Oct 2018 5435 Views

RISK: Medium Risk

TYPE: Attacks - Other

TYPE: Other

HKCERT received significant numbers of email scam reports in past few months, which transformed to many variants. The email scam was asking for ransom. No matter what's the email look like, they might get some of the following characteristics.


The content of these new ransom email include:

  1. The ransom email sender was appeared as your email address.
  2. The hacker claimed malware was installed in your computer or intruded your email system.
  3. Your used/current password or (part of) your personal information was appeared in the email subject or content.
  4. The hacker claimed they have recorded video through your web camera.
  5. The hacker would share your privacy if you refuse to pay ransom.

It pretended as truth and authenticate to run this scam campaign.


  • Spoofing


What to do when you received this kind of email:

  • Be calm.
  • Save the suspious email as attachment and report to HKCERT (Email to [email protected])
  • Do not pay and delete the ransom email.
  • Change the password immediately.

Vulnerability Identifier

  • No CVE information is available

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