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Mozilla Thunderbird Multiple Multiple Vulnerabilities

Last Update Date: 28 Jan 2011 Release Date: 11 Feb 2008 2427 Views

RISK: Medium Risk

Multiple vulnerabilities have been identified in Mozilla Thunderbird, which could be exploited by attackers to bypass security restrictions, disclose sensitive information, cause a denial of service or take complete control of an affected system.

1. A memory corruption errors in the browser and JavaScript engines when parsing malformed data, which could be exploited by attackers to crash a vulnerable application or execute arbitrary code.

2. The errors when processing JavaScript, which could be exploited by malicious web sites to execute arbitrary code or gain knowledge of sensitive information.

3. An input validation error when handling "chrome:" URIs, which could be exploited by attackers to load JavaScript, images, and stylesheets from local files in known locations.

4. An error when displaying timer-enabled security dialogs, which could be exploited by attackers to trick a user into confirming a security dialog by bringing the dialog back into focus right before a user clicked in a predictable time and place.


  • Denial of Service
  • Remote Code Execution
  • Security Restriction Bypass
  • Information Disclosure

System / Technologies affected

  • Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x


Before installation of the software, please visit the software manufacturer web-site for more details.

Update to an upcoming version

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