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Google Chrome Multiple Vulnerabilities

Last Update Date: 15 Aug 2014 Release Date: 14 Aug 2014 1403 Views

RISK: High Risk

TYPE: Clients - Browsers

TYPE: Browsers

Multiple vulnerabilities have been idenified in Google Chrome, which can be exploited by malicious people to disclose potentially sensitive information, bypass certain security restrictions, and compromise a user's system.

  1. The application bundles a vulnerable version of Adobe Flash Player.
  2. A use-after-free error exists within web sockets. No further information is currently available.
  3. An error within SPDY can be exploited by disclose certain information. No further information is currently available.
  4. Multiple unspecified errors exist.


  • Remote Code Execution
  • Security Restriction Bypass
  • Information Disclosure

System / Technologies affected

  • Chrome versions prior to 36.0.1985.143
  • Chrome for Android versions prior to 36.0.1985.135


Before installation of the software, please visit the software manufacturer web-site for more details.

  • Update to Chrome version 36.0.1985.143, Chrome for Android version 36.0.1985.135.

Vulnerability Identifier


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