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Google Android Browser Access Control Vulnerability

Last Update Date: 19 Sep 2014 Release Date: 18 Sep 2014 3332 Views

RISK: High Risk

TYPE: Operating Systems - Mobile & Apps

TYPE: Mobile & Apps

A vulnerability has been identified in Google Android Browser. A remote user can bypass same origin policy.


A remote user can create specially crafted HTML that, when loaded by a target user, will cause arbitrary scripting code to be executed by the target user's browser. The code will run in the security context of an arbitrary domain. As a result, the code will be able to access the target user's cookies (including authentication cookies), if any, associated with the site, access data recently submitted by the target user via web form to the site, or take actions on the site acting as the target user.


A 'javascript:' call that is preceded with null string can access the document.body.innerHTML property of a frame that has a different origin than the parent window.


Note: Vendor patch is currently unavailable.


  • Information Disclosure
  • Data Manipulation

System / Technologies affected

  • Android versions prior to 4.4


  • Note: Vendor patch is currently unavailable.

Vulnerability Identifier


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