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CPU Multiple Vulnerabilities (aka Meltdown and Spectre)

Last Update Date: 10 Jan 2018 15:51 Release Date: 4 Jan 2018 5248 Views

RISK: High Risk

TYPE: Operating Systems - Embedded OS

TYPE: Embedded OS

Multiple Vulnerabilities were identified in CPUs, a remote attacker can exploit these vulnerabilities to bypass security restriction and get sensitive information from the targeted system.


  • Security Restriction Bypass
  • Information Disclosure

System / Technologies affected


CPUs below maybe affected:

  • AMD
  • ARM
  • Intel

Please refer to the link below for detail:



Before installation of the software, please visit the software manufacturer web-site for more details.


Please noted that patches will be provided per each vendor and might be applied to some specific version only.


Last update date: 2018-01-10

AMDAffectedVendor Information
ARMAffectedVendor Information
IntelAffectedVendor Information
 Software and Operation System
ApplePatches Available 
GooglePatches Available 
Linux KernelPatches Available (RHEL)
Patches Available (SUSE)
Patches Available (CentOS)
Patches Available (Chromium)
Patches Available (Debian)
Patches Available (OpenSUSE)
Patches Available (Ubuntu)
MicrosoftPatches Available 
MozillaPatches Available 
VMwarePatches Available 



Vulnerability Identifier


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