Security Tools for Android smart devices

In "Google Play Store" for Android, you can find many different mobile security apps. We try to group the functions into 5 categories below.



- Real-time protection. It provides real-time scanning after apps are installed.

- Apps/Files Scanning. It performs malware scanning at a preset schedule.

- Privacy Advisor. It lists out potential privacy issues used by apps installed.


Secure web browsing

- Secure browsing. It blocks websites that are known security threats and phishing.

- Parental control browsing


Filter and monitoring protection

- Phone number / SMS filtering

- Phone call / SMS / mobile data usage monitoring


Data backup

- Personal data backup. It includes contact list, SMS, and call log.

- Apps backup

- Backup the data to cloud storages



- Remote locate. It can locate the device by using SMS or through vendor’s web system.

- Remote wipe. It can wipe the personal data on the whole device remotely by using SMS or through vendor’s web system.


Users can install suitable mobile security apps depending on your needs. The products in this list are Free or Trial version. If you have any question about the Full or Paid version of these tools, please contact the tool developers or the vendors directly.


Security Tools for Android smart devices


 Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus
Developer: Bitdefender
QR code:
 Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite
Developer: Kaspersky Lab
QR code:
 Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus
Developer: Trend Micro
QR code:
 Mobile Security & Antivirus
Developer: AVAST Software
QR code:
 Kingsoft 金山手机毒霸
Developer: Kingsoft Inc.
QR code:
 ESET Mobile Security
Developer: ESET
QR code:
 Comodo Mobile Security & Antivirus
Developer: Comodo Security Solutions
QR code:
 F-Secure Mobile Security
Developer: F-Secure Corporation
QR code:
 Norton Security antivirus
Developer: NortonMobile
QR code:
 McAfee Antivirus & Security
Developer: McAfee Mobile Security
QR code:


According to the AV-TEST May-June 2013 test report, the above 10 Free or Trial version security tools are sorted by protection and are available on Play Store. Please refer to the report of AV-TEST for other security apps.



The objective of this article is to provide more information to users.
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