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Use Security Scoring to Quantify Your Cyber Risks (For SMEl)


Handling sophisticated cyber attacks, threat prevention and risk management have become more challenging. Cyber security scoring provides a tool to evaluate the security level of an organisation continuously through external threat intelligence sources. Security scoring can complement traditional risk assessment by providing a non-intrusively and “outside-in” approach to monitor the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of an organisation.


In order to understand whether the security controls of an organisation is adequate, its security score can also be used to compare with peers of the same industry for benchmarking purpose.


In this webinar, we will also show SMEs in finance, insurance & securities sectors on how to use cyber security scoring to manage security posture continually and to benchmark with industry peers.


For more information, please refer to the leaflet.


Release Date: 9 Oct 2020

Date:28 Oct 2020

Time: 14:30 - 16:00


Target Audience:SMEs in Finance, Insurance & Securities sectors

Venue: Online Broadcast (HKPC Live)

Organizer: HKPC