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Identity Theft Protection for Social Media and Instant Messaging Accounts

Social media and instant messaging software have become essential tools for our daily social interaction and communication. Therefore it is important to protect the user accounts of relevant software. In many cases, users have not changed or strengthened the security settings of the account after first registering...
Release Date: 28 Oct 2020 6829 Views

Ransomware: Double Extortion Attacks Continued - Intrusion via Exploiting VPN Gateway Vulnerability

During the back-to-school season, HKCERT noticed that ransomware attacks have been targeting educational institutions all over the world while the trend of double extortion attacks continued. Related ransomware, such as Maze and Netwalker, were also very active. Users must stay vigilant...
Release Date: 13 Oct 2020 5131 Views

Beware of Latest DDoS Extortion Attacks

In the past weeks, various financial organisations over the world have been on the receiving end of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) extortion attacks, with disruption to their online service.   According to an international anti-DDoS service provider, the attackers would target multiple...
Release Date: 31 Aug 2020 6862 Views

Learn About Personal VPN Services, Protect Online Privacy and Security

Objective   Virtual private network (VPN) is one of the commonly used security technologies that have been widely used in an enterprise environment for employee remote access. On the other hand, it is also applied in protecting personal online privacy and security, which is known...
Release Date: 18 Aug 2020 6978 Views

Ransomware Evolved: Double Extortion and Fake Decryptor

Ransomware is among the most detrimental and wide-spread cyber security threats. Hackers are using it to encrypt files on the user's device and demand ransom payments for file decryption. HKCERT has been continually monitoring ransomware trends, providing security advice to users. In...
Release Date: 13 Jul 2020 8641 Views

"SSH Hong Kong Enterprise Cyber Security Readiness Index Survey" Down 2.4 Points to 46.9 Staying Vigilant for Cyber Threats in Stormy Times

(Hong Kong, 12 May 2020) The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) released the latest results of the “SSH Hong Kong Enterprise Cyber Security Readiness Index Survey”, which reports an Overall Index at 46.9 (maximum being 100), a slight decrease...
Release Date: 13 May 2020 9883 Views

HKCERT Releases New Study to Raise Security Awareness of ZigBee Devices

Industries all over the world are keeping up with the trend of Internet of Things (IoT), by developing and applying products with built-in IoT-related function. ZigBee, as one of the wireless technologies with low-power consumption and a simple set-...
Release Date: 8 May 2020 9802 Views

Beware of Attacks on Remote Access Services

Rush to Remote Access Services Opens More Opportunities for Hackers   As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its spread globally, many organisations are implementing work from home arrangement, using a variety of remote access services to ensure employees can connect to the organisation’s internal network...
Release Date: 28 Apr 2020 7000 Views

HKCERT proposes 10 measures to secure Zoom Meetings

Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, many companies and education institutes have arranged staff and teachers to work or teach from home, resulting in more people using web meeting software for communication. With its ease of use and rich features, Zoom has been...
Release Date: 2 Apr 2020 28842 Views

HKCERT Releases New Study to Raise Security Awareness of Wi-Fi Devices

The applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming more diverse with the rapid development of wireless technology. Each type of IoT devices need to adopt the appropriate wireless technology to suit its application requirements, with Wi-Fi being the most popular wireless networking...
Release Date: 31 Mar 2020 10071 Views