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Mirai Malware Cleanup and Prevention

Release Date: 7 Aug 2017 4366 Views


In an era where 'Internet of Things' (IoT) devices are affordably popular, vulnerable  ones could be a threat to the Internet. The problem was realized by several large-scale DDoS attacks in September last year. One of the notable incidents was the attack to a DNS provider Dyn which rendered many large websites in US and EU inaccessible.


Investigations have shown the culprit behind the attack was a malware called Mirai. It targets IoT devices like routers and IP cameras so that hackers can leverage them to form botnets to launch cyber attacks. HKCERT has obtained the infection information concerning Hong Kong from Shadowserver, and is regularly notifying related ISPs to alert their clients for cleanup.


HKCERT has also released the Mirai Malware Cleanup and Prevention guideline to help the public to handle the infected devices and prevent from being victimized: /my_url/en/guideline/17012401.


Affected users are urged to act promptly upon receiving notification from your Internet service providers in order not to become the accomplice of massive cyber attacks. Even you do not receive any notification, you are advised to take preventive measures to protect your IoT devices from security breaches.