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Favourite Security Reads of the Week (30 Jun 2017)

Release Date: 30 Jun 2017 1309 Views


Favourite Security Reads of the Week (30 Jun 2017) .


"Favourite Security Reads of the Week". Each week we share five news or articles that we like. We hope you will love this column and we welcome your comment via email to [email protected]


Below is the Favourite Security Reads of this Week.


  1. 物聯網加強保安 免淪為黑客工具 (Written by HKCERT on Hong Kong Economic Times, 2017-06-23, Chinese)
  2. HKCERT on challenges and responses of cloud incidents handling (Computerworld Hong Kong, 2017-06-23)
  3. A Cyberattack ‘the World Isn’t Ready For’ (The New York Times, 2017-06-22)
  4. Why SIEM Solutions Are Essential to Securing Healthcare Networks (Fortinet, 2017-06-16)
  5. DevSecOps is Not a Security Panacea (The New Stack, 2017-06-13)
  6. Physical Security Assessment: Traditional and Nontraditional Tools and Techniques (NTT Security, 2017-06-28)