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Fujitsu found malware on IT systems, confirms data breach

Japanese tech giant Fujitsu discovered that several of its systems were infected by malware and warns that the hackers stole customer data.
Bleeping Computer 19 Mar 2024 537 Views

Hackers Using Sneaky HTML Smuggling to Deliver Malware via Fake Google Sites

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new malware campaign that leverages bogus Google Sites pages and HTML smuggling to distribute a commercial malware called AZORult in order to facilitate information theft.
The Hacker News 19 Mar 2024 8371 Views

New DEEP#GOSU Malware Campaign Targets Windows Users with Advanced Tactics

A new elaborate attack campaign has been observed employing PowerShell and VBScript malware to infect Windows systems and harvest sensitive information.
The Hacker News 19 Mar 2024 8395 Views

ASCII art elicits harmful responses from 5 major AI chatbots

Researchers have discovered a new way to hack AI assistants that uses a surprisingly old-school method: ASCII art. It turns out that chat-based large language models such as GPT-4 get so distracted trying to process these representations that they forget to enforce...
Ars Technica 16 Mar 2024 4266 Views

Alabama Under DDoS Cyberattack by Russian-Backed Hacktivists

The hacktivist group Anonymous Sudan claims credit for a cyberattack that disrupted Alabama state government earlier this week.
Dark Reading 15 Mar 2024 386 Views

FCC Approves Voluntary Cyber Trust Labels for Consumer IoT Products

Here's what IoT device manufacturers need to know to earn a cybersecurity stamp of approval from the government.
Dark Reading 15 Mar 2024 393 Views

French Unemployment Agency Data Breach Impacts 43 Million People

The stolen data includes sensitive personal details such as full name, date of birth, social security number, and contact information, posing a significant risk of identity theft and phishing.
Cyware News 15 Mar 2024 507 Views

Google gooses Safe Browsing with real-time protection that doesn't leak to ad giant

Rare occasion when you do want Big Tech to make a hash of it Google has enhanced its Safe Browsing service to enable real-time protection in Chrome for desktop, iOS, and soon Android against risky websites, without sending browsing history data to the ad biz...
The Register 15 Mar 2024 4894 Views

DarkGate Malware Exploited Recently Patched Microsoft Flaw in Zero-Day Attack

A DarkGate malware campaign observed in mid-January 2024 leveraged a recently patched security flaw in Microsoft Windows as a zero-day using bogus software installers. “During this campaign, users were lured using PDFs that contained Google DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) open redirects that...
The Hacker News 14 Mar 2024 10008 Views

Hackers exploit Windows SmartScreen flaw to drop DarkGate malware

A new wave of attacks by the DarkGate malware operation exploits a now-fixed Windows Defender SmartScreen vulnerability to bypass security checks and automatically install fake software installers. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 14 Mar 2024 325 Views