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HardBit ransomware wants insurance details to set the perfect price

A ransomware threat called HardBit has moved to version 2. and its operators are trying to negotiate a ransom payment that would be covered by the victim's insurance company. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 21 Feb 2023 494 Views

Microsoft Outlook flooded with spam due to broken email filters

According to reports from an increasing number of Microsoft customers, Outlook inboxes have been flooded with spam emails over the last nine hours because email spam filters are currently broken. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 21 Feb 2023 480 Views

Samsung adds zero-click attack protection to Galaxy devices

Samsung has developed a new security system called Samsung Message Guard to help Galaxy smartphone users keep safe from the so-called "zero-click" exploits that use malicious image files. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 20 Feb 2023 466 Views

GoDaddy Discloses Multi-Year Security Breach Causing Malware Installations and Source Code Theft

Web hosting services provider GoDaddy on Friday disclosed a multi-year security breach that enabled unknown threat actors to install malware and siphon source code related to some of its services. The company attributed the campaign to a "sophisticated and organized group targeting hosting services." GoDaddy...
The Hacker News 18 Feb 2023 488 Views

Twitter Limits SMS-Based 2-Factor Authentication to Blue Subscribers Only

Twitter has announced that it's limiting the use of SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) to its Blue subscribers. "While historically a popular form of 2FA, unfortunately we have seen phone-number based 2FA be used – and abused – by...
The Hacker News 18 Feb 2023 455 Views

Atlassian: Leaked Data Stolen via Third-Party App

SiegedSec threat group leaked data that Atlassian says was taken from app used to coordinate in-office resources.
Dark Reading 17 Feb 2023 551 Views

Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell flaws exploited in new crypto-mining attack

A new malware dubbed 'ProxyShellMiner' exploits the Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell vulnerabilities to deploy cryptocurrency miners throughout a Windows domain to generate profit for the attackers. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 17 Feb 2023 523 Views

New Mirai malware variant infects Linux devices to build DDoS botnet

A new Mirai botnet variant tracked as 'V3G4' targets 13 vulnerabilities in Linux-based servers and IoT devices to use in DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 17 Feb 2023 518 Views

ChatGPT Subs In as Security Analyst, Hallucinates Only Occasionally

Incident response triage and software vulnerability discovery are two areas where the large language model has demonstrated success, although false positives are common.
Dark Reading 16 Feb 2023 608 Views

GitHub Copilot update stops AI model from revealing secrets

GitHub has updated the AI model of Copilot, a programming assistant that generates real-time source code and function recommendations in Visual Studio, and says it's now safer and more powerful. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 16 Feb 2023 566 Views