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Eufycam Wi-Fi security cameras streamed video feeds from other people's homes

Plus: Biden's order on security, US govt acquiring data on citizens, and more In brief  Unlucky owners of Eufycam security cameras were horrified earlier today when they opened their app for the equipment and saw video streams from strangers' homes instead of their...
The Register 18 May 2021 15943 Views

Axa insurance offshoots pwned as Ireland reveals second ransomware hit

Dept of Health unsuccessfully targeted in same attack against hospitals In brief  The murky world of ransomware criminals is all aflutter after it was revealed that Ireland's health services were hit by a second attack hot on the heels of one that took out its hospitals, ...
The Register 17 May 2021 15941 Views

Insurer AXA hit by ransomware after dropping support for ransom payments

Branches of insurance giant AXA based in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines have been struck by a ransomware cyber attack. As seen by BleepingComputer yesterday, the Avaddon ransomware group claimed on their leak site that they had stolen 3 TB of...
BleepingComputer 17 May 2021 204 Views

Hackers Using Microsoft Build Engine to Deliver Malware Filelessly

Threat actors are abusing Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) to filelessly deliver remote access trojans and password-stealing malware on targeted Windows systems. The actively ongoing campaign is said to have emerged last month, researchers from cybersecurity firm Anomali said on Thursday, adding...
The Hacker News 15 May 2021 16072 Views

Learning from cyber attacks could be the key to stopping them

Anne Neuberger, deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging technology at the White House says recent events demonstrate need to focus on preventing incidents.
ZDnet 14 May 2021 229 Views

CISA Warns Over FiveHands File-Encrypting Malware Variant

Packet Storm 12 May 2021 23793 Views

Fake Chrome App Anchors Rapidly Worming ‘Smish’ Cyberattack

An ingenious attack on Android devices self-propagates, with the potential for a range of damage.
Threatpost 12 May 2021 160 Views

GitHub Prepares to Move Beyond Passwords

GitHub adds support for FIDO2 security keys for Git over SSH to fend off account hijacking and further its plan to stick a fork in the security bane of passwords.
Threatpost 12 May 2021 169 Views

Hackers Leverage Adobe Zero Day Bug Impacting Adobe Reader

Packet Storm 12 May 2021 22566 Views

Colonial Pipeline aims to restore operations by end of the week after cyberattack

Meanwhile, the hacker group DarkSide said a statement that its goal is "to make money, and not creating problems for society".
ZDnet 11 May 2021 339 Views