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Google to Add Passwordless Authentication Support to Android and Chrome

Google today announced plans to implement support for passwordless logins in Android and the Chrome web browser to allow users to seamlessly and securely sign in across different devices and websites irrespective of the platform. [...]
The Hacker News 6 May 2022 329 Views

Researchers Disclose Years-Old Vulnerabilities in Avast and AVG Antivirus

Two high-severity security vulnerabilities, which went undetected for several years, have been discovered in a legitimate driver that's part of Avast and AVG antivirus solutions. [...]
The Hacker News 6 May 2022 314 Views

Attackers hijack UK NHS email accounts to steal Microsoft logins

For about half a year, work email accounts belonging to over 100 employees of the National Health System (NHS) in the U.K. were used in several phishing campaigns, some aiming to steal Microsoft logins. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 5 May 2022 339 Views

Pixiv, DeviantArt artists hit by NFT job offers pushing malware

Users on Pixiv, DeviantArt, and other creator-oriented online platforms report receiving multiple messages from people claiming to be from the "Cyberpunk Ape Executives" NFT project, with the main goal to infect artists' devices with information-stealing malware. [.....
Bleepingcomputer 5 May 2022 334 Views

Hackers stole data undetected from US, European orgs since 2019

Cybersecurity analysts have exposed a lengthy operation attributed to the group of Chinese hackers known as "Winnti" and tracked as APT41, which focused on stealing intellectual property assets like patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other types of valuable data. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 4 May 2022 320 Views

REvil ransomware returns: New malware sample confirms gang is back

The notorious REvil ransomware operation has returned amidst rising tensions between Russia and the USA, with new infrastructure and a modified encryptor allowing for more targeted attacks.
Bleepingcomputer 3 May 2022 364 Views

Synology warns of critical Netatalk bugs in multiple products

Synology has warned customers that some of its network-attached storage (NAS) appliances are exposed to attacks exploiting multiple critical Netatalk vulnerabilities.
Bleepingcomputer 3 May 2022 356 Views

EmoCheck now detects new 64-bit versions of Emotet malware

The Japan CERT has released a new version of their EmoCheck utility to detect new 64-bit versions of the Emotet malware that began infecting users this month.
Bleepingcomputer 29 Apr 2022 379 Views

Experts Detail 3 Hacking Teams Working Under the Umbrella of TA410 Group

A cyberespionage threat actor known for targeting a variety of critical infrastructure sectors in Africa, the Middle East, and the U.S. has been observed using an upgraded version of a remote access trojan with information stealing capabilities.
The Hacker News 29 Apr 2022 368 Views

Microsoft points at Linux and shouts: Look, look! Privilege-escalation flaws here, too!

Will Redmond start code-naming Windows make-me-admin bugs? Flaws in networkd-dispatcher, a service used in the Linux world, can be exploited by a rogue logged-in user or application to escalate their privileges to root level, allowing the...
The Register 28 Apr 2022 7615 Views