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Exploit for critical Veeam auth bypass available, patch now

A proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit for a Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager authentication bypass flaw tracked as CVE-2024-29849 is now publicly available, making it urgent that admins apply the latest security updates. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 10 Jun 2024 540 Views

FBI recovers 7,000 LockBit keys, urges ransomware victims to reach out

The FBI urges past victims of LockBit ransomware attacks to come forward after revealing that it has obtained over 7,000 LockBit decryption keys that they can use to recover encrypted data for free. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 6 Jun 2024 660 Views

New V3B phishing kit targets customers of 54 European banks

Cybercriminals are promoting a new phishing kit named 'V3B' on Telegram, which currently targets customers of 54 major financial institutes in Ireland, the Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, and Italy. [......
Bleepingcomputer 5 Jun 2024 688 Views

TikTok fixes zero-day bug used to hijack high-profile accounts

Over the past week, attackers have hijacked high-profile TikTok accounts belonging to multiple companies and celebrities, exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in the social media's direct messages feature. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 5 Jun 2024 694 Views

361 million stolen accounts leaked on Telegram added to HIBP

A massive trove of 361 million email addresses from credentials stolen by password-stealing malware, in credential stuffing attacks, and from data breaches was added to the Have I Been Pwned data breach notification service, allowing anyone to check if their accounts have been compromised.
Bleeping Computer 4 Jun 2024 715 Views

Microsoft India’s X account hijacked in Roaring Kitty crypto scam

The official Microsoft India account on Twitter, with over 211,000 followers, was hijacked by cryptocurrency scammers to impersonate Roaring Kitty, the handle used by notorious meme stock trader Keith Gill.
Bleeping Computer 4 Jun 2024 705 Views

AI platform Hugging Face says hackers stole auth tokens from Spaces

AI platform Hugging Face says that its Spaces platform was breached, allowing hackers to access authentication secrets for its members. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 3 Jun 2024 761 Views

Google Chrome change that weakens ad blockers begins June 3rd

Google is continuing with its plan to phase out Manifest V2 extensions in Chrome starting in early June 2024, weakening the abilities of ad blockers. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 1 Jun 2024 749 Views

Kaspersky releases free tool that scans Linux for known threats

Kaspersky has released a new virus removal tool named KVRT for the Linux platform, allowing users to scan their systems and remove malware and other known threats for free. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 1 Jun 2024 742 Views

Pirated Microsoft Office delivers malware cocktail on systems

Cybercriminals are distributing a malware cocktail through cracked versions of Microsoft Office promoted on torrent sites. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 31 May 2024 858 Views