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$5.2 billion in BTC transactions tied to top 10 ransomware variants: US Treasury

More than $5 billion in bitcoin transactions has been tied to the top ten ransomware variants, according to a report released by the US Treasury on Friday. 
ZDNet 18 Oct 2021 153 Views

2021 has broken the record for zero-day hacking attacks

A zero-day exploit—a way to launch a cyberattack via a previously unknown vulnerability—is just about the most valuable thing a hacker can possess. These exploits can carry price tags north of $1 million on the open market.
ZDnet 12 Oct 2021 151 Views

Company That Routes Billions of SMS For U.S Carriers Silently Says It Was Hacked

It was being announced recently that Syniverse, which serves carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, China Mobile, and numerous other companies all over the world got hacked. The experts came to know that the hackers have hijacked its systems...
ZDnet 12 Oct 2021 139 Views

FontOnLake: Previously unknown malware family targeting Linux

ESET researchers discover a malware family with tools that show signs they’re used in targeted attacks
ZDnet 12 Oct 2021 140 Views

GitHub revokes duplicate SSH auth keys linked to library bug

GitHub has revoked weak SSH authentication keys generated using a library that incorrectly created duplicate RSA keypairs.
ZDnet 12 Oct 2021 136 Views

Iran-linked DEV-0343 targeting defense, GIS, and maritime sectors

DEV-0343 is a new activity cluster that the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) first observed and began tracking in late July 2021. MSTIC has observed DEV-0343 conducting extensive password spraying against more than 250 Office 365 tenants, with a focus...
ZDnet 12 Oct 2021 144 Views

4 Key Questions for Zero-Trust Success

Anurag Kahol, CTO & co-founder at Bitglass, offers tips for avoiding implementation pitfalls for zero trust.
Threatpost 8 Oct 2021 117 Views

No honor among thieves: One in five targets of FIN12 hacking group is in healthcare

The group strikes big game targets with annual revenues of over $6 billion.
ZDnet 8 Oct 2021 109 Views

Poorly Configured Apache Airflow Instances Leak Credentials for Popular Services

Cybersecurity researchers on Monday discovered misconfigurations across older versions of Apache Airflow instances belonging to a number of high-profile companies across various sectors, resulting in the exposure of sensitive credentials for popular platforms and services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Binance, Google Cloud...
The Hacker News 8 Oct 2021 12844 Views

Ransomware: Cyber criminals are still exploiting these old vulnerabilities, so patch now

Years-old security vulnerabilities remain a common attack method for ransomware attacks because organisations aren't applying the patches to fix them.
ZDnet 8 Oct 2021 95 Views