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New Bluetooth Flaw Let Hackers Take Over Android, Linux, macOS, and iOS Devices

A critical Bluetooth security flaw could be exploited by threat actors to take control of Android, Linux, macOS and iOS devices.
The Hacker News 8 Dec 2023 61 Views

WordPress fixes POP chain exposing websites to RCE attacks

WordPress has released version 6.4.2 that addresses a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability that could be chained with another flaw to allow attackers run arbitrary PHP code on the target website.
Bleeping Computer 8 Dec 2023 74 Views

Apple 'Lockdown Mode' Bypass Subverts Key iPhone Security Feature

Even the most severe security protections for mobile phones aren't all-encompassing or foolproof, as a tactic involving a spoof of lockdown mode shows.
Dark Reading 6 Dec 2023 169 Views

Microsoft will offer extended support options for Windows 10 PCs, for a price

When the end-of-support deadline rolls around in October 2025, you'll need to pay to keep receiving security updates for your Windows 10 PC. But Microsoft won't say how much those updates will cost.
ZDnet 6 Dec 2023 236 Views

Multiple NFT collections at risk by flaw in open-source library

A vulnerability in an open-source library that is common across the Web3 space impacts the security of pre-built smart contracts, affecting multiple NFT collections, including Coinbase. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 6 Dec 2023 165 Views

Microsoft fixes Outlook Desktop crashes when sending emails

Microsoft has fixed a known issue causing Outlook Desktop clients to crash when sending emails from accounts. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 5 Dec 2023 235 Views

Google is phasing out ad personalization for some AdSense products

Google has announced significant changes to its Search Ads publisher products, including AdSense for Search (AFS), AdSense for Shopping (AFSh), and Programmable Search Engine (ProSE). [...]
Bleepingcomputer 4 Dec 2023 290 Views

Linux version of Qilin ransomware focuses on VMware ESXi

A sample of the Qilin ransomware gang's VMware ESXi encryptor has been found and it could be one of the most advanced and customizable Linux encryptors seen to date. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 4 Dec 2023 265 Views

New BLUFFS Bluetooth Attack Expose Devices to Adversary-in-the-Middle Attacks

New research has unearthed multiple novel attacks that break Bluetooth Classic's forward secrecy and future secrecy guarantees, resulting in adversary-in-the-middle (AitM) scenarios between two already connected peers. The issues, collectively named BLUFFS, impact Bluetooth Core...
The Hacker News 4 Dec 2023 217 Views

Over 20,000 vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers exposed to attacks

Tens of thousands of Microsoft Exchange email servers in Europe, the U.S., and Asia exposed on the public internet are vulnerable to remote code execution flaws. [...]
Bleepingcomputer 3 Dec 2023 265 Views