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New Format for Monthly Security Updates Security Bulletin

Release Date: 29 / 07 / 2016
Last Update: 29 / 07 / 2016

In order to better convey the information of monthly security updates of multiple vulnerabilities of certain service providers like Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle, HKCERT is to fine-tune the format of the related security bulletins. Here are the major changes: 

  1. Instead of showing each product in an individual security bulletin, they are consolidated into a single one, so that it is easier to review the whole list of affected products.
  2. The products will be listed in a table ordered by its severity, with the impacts and remarks (e.g. exploits in the wild).
  3. A reference link to the vendor's vulnerability note is provided for individual product. You can find the detailed information and CVE ID from the link.

  4. A summary of impacts and affected product versions are showed below the table.

  5. When a security bulletin has multiple products, its severity level is taken from the highest severity level of all the listed products.

The new format will be effective from 1 August 2016. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to let us know by email to [email protected]