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Favourite Security Reads of the Week (31 Aug 2018)

Release Date: 31 / 08 / 2018
Last Update: 31 / 08 / 2018


Favourite Security Reads of the Week (31 August 2018)


"Favourite Security Reads of the Week", we share five news or articles that we like most during the week. We hope you will love this column and we welcome your comment via email to [email protected]


Below is the Favourite Security Reads of this Week.


  1. 企業資安政策 需上下通力執行 (Written by HKCERT on Hong Kong Economic Times, 2018-08-24, Chinese)
  2. Exploit for Recent Critical Apache Struts Vulnerability Published (Securityweek, 2018-08-27)
  3. Emerging consensus for an ICS security approach (Help Net Security, 2018-08-27)
  4. IoT failures plague most users worldwide (Help Net Security, 2018-08-28)
  5. Android spyware BusyGasper has many features, but few known victims (SC Media, 2018-08-29)
  6. 入侵Android系統新方法:Man-in-the-Disk (Lapcom, 2018-08-29, Chinese)



Please be noted that, starting from September, this column will be published biweekly.