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Favourite Security Reads of the Week (28 Jul 2017)

Release Date: 28 / 07 / 2017
Last Update: 28 / 07 / 2017


Favourite Security Reads of the Week (28 Jul 2017) .


"Favourite Security Reads of the Week". Each week we share five news or articles that we like. We hope you will love this column and we welcome your comment via email to [email protected]


Below is the Favourite Security Reads of this Week.


  1. 虛擬貨幣有價 防黑客入侵「挖鑛」 (Written by HKCERT on Hong Kong Economic Times, 2017-07-21, Chinese)
  2. Worst known governmental leak ever affected the Swedish Transport Agency (Security Affairs, 2017-07-23)
  3. A smart fish tank left a casino vulnerable to hackers (CNNMoney, 2017-07-19)
  4. NotPetya Cyberattack Causes Financial Losses for FedEx (LIFARS, 2017-07-18)
  5. Roomba maker may share maps of users' homes with Google, Amazon or Apple (The Guardian, 2017-07-25)
  6. Harvard PhD Andy Yen provides tips to governments on cybersecurity protections (CIO, 2017-07-21)