How to identify this homepage


The HKCERT website ( has been equipped with SSL capability.

The benefit of using SSL is that you can verity if the website is owned by the genuine Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Cooordination Centre domain,


Follow these steps to identify the homepage, We using Internet Explorer 11 for example :


  1. When you access a SSL web page, you should see at the right side of the address bar a small padlock.


  2. Clicking the padlock and View certificates



  3. Will display the digital certificate information:


     You should the see that the digital certificate is issued by "Hongkong Post e-Cert CA 1 - 10" to "*"


  4. Click "Certification Path" tab and you will see the following screen:

    Certification path

    You should see three certificate and when selecting each of the three certificates, the certificate status should display "This certificate is OK".



Because accessing every SSL enabled web page involves additional encryption/decryption process, it is a bit slower than accessing non-SSL pages. Thanks to the development of computer processing power nowadays, such performance degradation is not very noticeable.